Monday, September 13, 2010

a Garden for Children

Still feeling really tired--from teaching in a Montessori preschool last week, or from prepping and hanging the show? I didn't get a break between hanging the show and stepping in to start the school year for a small Montetssori school while the teacher/director, Heather, had her baby.

Its a really sweet school, with lovely gardens, goats, sheep, chickens, and a rabbit. The playground equipment is a large walnut tree with three swings, a rope swing, and a slide attached to it. There are places for children to hide or to retreat to for some quiet time. I am so enjoying the children and teaching, though it is a challenge to teach "Montessori". I studied Maria Montessori's work and philosophy as part of my early childhood training, and adapted many of her principles in  my classroom when I had my own school.  Montessori as it is taught now is different in some respects from how I am used to teaching.

Feels like a story, a painting, a...a...I wonder how this lovely little school and children will show up in my art and garden? I definitely am inspired by the garden.


  1. What a tantalising glimpse! Has the real feel of a secret garden ... and hope it unfolds wonderfully in your work. oh, and that you feel more energized soon.

  2. Nice.Thank you so much for sharing this.