Monday, September 6, 2010

The Reception

I wanted to show people a bit of what goes into a piece of art, so I included line drawings, photos, sketches, and other materials I used for reference or to draw inspiration from. Many people have no idea what goes into a work of art!

I finished hanging and was still putting the labels up when the reception started. No time to change clothes or eat dinner!  I feel I need 26 more labels to tell the story adequately, and I still haven't priced anything. Pricing my artwork is so dammed hard!

The reception was quiet; about 20 people showed up, most of them friends I had notified by email. Considering that the biggest show of the year was taking place at the Blue Heron Art Gallery, featuring about 100-150 local artists, and considering that I have had openings where only my parents showed up, and that most people don't think about coming to the Care Center for Art, this was actually encouraging.

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