Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Impossible Garden: Ghost Squash and Other Projects

I planted butternut squash and delecata, I'm sure I did. What I got was--I've never seen anything like it! A ghost squash and something like a very pale zucchini. The ghost squash is even white on the inside! I wonder if there's any nourishment in it?

It wasn't too bad stir fried with pork, beans, and sesame oil, with soy sauce added. The next day I fixed it like mashed potatoes. After all, it IS white. Not so good. It just doesn't get creamy like mashed potatoes.

I guess the lesson is when you plant a seed--or start a project--you never know for sure what you will get.

And speaking of planting seeds/starting projects:  I'm planning to apply to show my silk paintings at the Blue Heron Art Gallery. The person I spoke with was very encouraging. This is a huge step for me. I've shown in a group show there once or twice, but was accepted on the strength of the group, which included several well known local artists. This is my first time applying to show in a "real" gallery on my own.

I didn't realize until this morning how terrifying this is. When I woke up with a headache, it took me a long time to realize it was a panic headache, and that the panic is around this application. Lets see, what did Kelly Rae say about dealing with fear? Oh Shards, now I have to clean up my desk to find my notes, or open the PDF.  I guess that's the topic for my next post.


  1. Congratulations!!! How fun! I having been dealing with fear myself lately. Which just turns into procrastinating. I need to stop this vicious cycle. Your work is so beautiful you have no need to panic.

    I want to thank you for much for your kind comment. The comparison brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes as a mother and caregiver you give so much it feels there is nothing left for you. The vitamins we have started giving him seem to be working really well. The last couple of days his teacher says he has done really well.

    Thank you and good luck on your gallery showing.

  2. are those sunflowers from your garden--they took my breath away! i love your comment about sometimes when you plant seeds, not knowing exactly what you are going to get...that has very truth has brought me so much unexpected joy and humor in my life! congrats for being brave...i truly believe in you and your work. way to put yourself out there. and thanks for your very supportive comments on my was therapy for me to write and share. it is hard to keep things inside sometimes!

  3. Rebecca and Carrie, thank you both for your comments here. Helps to keep me going!