Monday, September 27, 2010

Facing a fear

Saturday was one of the 10 best sailing days of the year  here in the Northwest. It was sunny, warm, and windy! I volunteered at the Center for Wooden Boats, crewing on their museum quality wooden sailboats. The Eleanora, shown here, was so easy for the skipper to single hand, that all I had to do was hang out on the foredeck and try not to slide into the water when a gust hit and we were sailing rail down! Rail down is when the boat is tipped so that the rail on one side is almost in the water. One gust threw my camera across the deck, injuring it so that I did not get any more good pictures.

But sitting on the slippery foredeck was not scary. What scares me is skippering an unfamiliar boat. I'm planning to teach sailing, but have yet to screw up my courage to take out by myself the boats I'll be using to teach in!
Well enough of this. I asked some one to come out with me and let me do all the boat handling with them just for moral support. By this time next month, I plan to be able to teach sailing comfortably at the Center for Wooden Boats.


  1. you go girl!!! i adore the old wooden boats. it's sailing without a lifeline that scares me. and i don't want to be responsible for maintaining all that wood!

  2. Brightwork is my most favorite thing to look at and least favorite to maintain. So I'm looking for a fiberglass hull and cabin with a little bright work trim for esthetics.