Monday, September 6, 2010


hand painted silk scarf, "Hollyhock Summer"

I'm celebrating opening my Etsy Shop by offering a 20% discount on all sales through September 25th! I have hand painted silk scarves, prints of my silk paintings and watercolors, and a few cards. Pop on over and see what I've got!

The scarf shown here was inspired by Anita Halstead's garden with Hollyhock bushes 6 or 7 feet tall. I  want to plant some in my garden next summer, to see if they keep the deer from jumping my fence and feasting on all my vegetables!


  1. What a beautiful silk scarf ! I just love your work,

    After turning the garden spot my Grand would scatter seeds for winter greens, and I do mean scatter ... They were always ready for Christmas Dinner or New Years Dinner.

    I think as business women, we must keep the main thing, the main thing as our focus ... but twist it up like Rachel Rae did with cooking, cause we all eat more than once a day. On one of Rachel's first shows (series) she traveled and taught us how to eat out, around the country for less than 20 ... her cooking biz and network grew from there ... Naturally!

  2. I love the colour of the silk, suzanna. We have hollyhocks all over in England, especially wild one in this colour. They are beautiful, just like your work. xm

  3. congrats on the opening of your store. the scarf is lovely. i'll head over...

  4. Your scarves and prints are beautiful. Where do you sell your original silk paintings?

  5. I sell at exhibits such as the one in February at the Tea Shop, and our of my studio. I think they have to be seen in person to be appreciated. I have prints of the silk paintings in my etsy shop.