Friday, September 3, 2010

Hanging the show

Man, I'm TIRED!  I worked almost non stop all day hanging my show at Vashon Community Care Center. As you may have guessed, VCCC is a residential home for older people, with assisted living all the way down to lots of care.

I had a great time, though it was sometimes difficult to focus on the hanging.

One woman apparently had dementia or Alzheimers, as every time she got near the door, the alarms would go off.  Then people would rush over to turn off the alarm and make sure she was still inside, or go chase after her if she got out. Sometimes she would attempt to turn off the alarm herself. Finally I got tired of the alarms and asked her to help me hang the artwork. She was great! She held up her side consiencously, all the while carrying on a conversation in that kind of dream talk people sometimes use when their language/logic brain is not engaged.

One sweet old man was very interested in my art work, and insisted on taking me up to his room to show me his wife's watercolor paintings. They WERE good! And then he wanted to show me his pottery. And some pottery someone else did . And this photo, and this cool thing he found. And. And. And finally I escaped back to my work and he went out with a group of people on the field trip bus.

And I didn't quite fill up the space. Hope I can find some more appropriate work to hang before the reception.


  1. Sounds like a fun adventure! In college I worked at an elderly care center and fell in love with the people--dementia and all! But I always was exhausted afterward. I think the piece in the photo is exquisite! And it was so thoughtful of you to take the elderly gentleman up on his offer and visit with him and see his artwork! Good Karma is coming your way:)