Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teaching Artist eclass with Laura Hamor

Wish Fish
I'm on the road to making my dreams come true!

I'm taking Laura Hamor's ecourse on teaching art in schools, museums, and libraries. The first assignment: being clear on what I want. I drew and decorated these fish and wrote my wishes on them. I will hang them in my studio window.

Here is what I wrote:
On the top fish
I am doing artist residencies in schools all over the state, the Northwest, and beyond!
I am teaching in schools, museums, and libraries all over the Northwest
I am making a good living as an artist and writer
On the bottom fish
I am deepening Children's and adults' understanding of themselves and the world around them through art and story
I am giving children and adults tools to create their  lives in Beauty and Compassion

Monday, I made another step in the direction of these wishes: I contacted Family Link, our school district's interface with home-schooling families, and proposed some classes for home-schooling children. The classes were well received by the first gate keeper. Next the proposals need to go to the teachers working in this program and the parents. Classes will be taught in the winter quarter and in the spring.

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