Thursday, November 4, 2010

Late for Day of the Dead

Generally I'm not too keen on skulls and such, so day of the dead leaves me...cold. Not interested. I like the idea of taking time to remember loved ones who have gone, but please, not with skulls.

Until I saw this one by Theresa Huse. Maybe it's the butterfly, or the scarlett line around the figure, or the gold here and there, especially in the butterfly. Or the flowers. Or the skull in profile with a flower hat.

Whatever it is, something about this painting gives me a new perspective on Day of the Dead images. Maybe next year I will try one.


  1. this skull work gives me new perspective as well ... Thanks for shareN your thoughts and nudge to others to be more open!

  2. Hi Suzanna, I just saw this over at FL Page on FB and had to drop by and thank you for the feature of my painting. I do hope you try to make one for next year~ I hope this finds you having a creative & wonderful week! I'll be by to visit again soon! (hugs) Theresa