Sunday, November 28, 2010

Studio tour:Purple Butterflies Scarf

Purple Butterflies Hand Painted Silk Scarf
This may be the last silk painting I do for the Tour. I'm running out of time, and man! I need to clean, organize, and decorate the studio! I just brought home all my watercolor paintings, mono-prints, and silk paintings from the show at the Vashon Community Care Center-100 images in all--and I've no place to put them!

One dear man bought one of my watercolors. I gave it to him for about half price, because I suspected he didn't have a lot of money, and he was so happy! Now he wants me to help him figure out where to hang it in his room at the Care Center!

I didn't expect the show at the care center to be a big seller; it was more to give people something cheerful to see and talk about, and to get everything up on the wall. People came up to me at the grocery store and on the street to tell me they had seen my show, and how much they enjoyed it! Probably more people saw this show than would have seen it anywhere else in town.

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