Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ornament Exchange: Two more!

Two more ornaments came from my Flying friends ornament exchange!

 This one is from Kris Johnson, Manitowoc, WI. The bell introduced itself with a jingle before I ever opened the package! Thank you Kris!!

It has the feel of an old fashioned Christmas!

This sweet little snowman is from Dayle Achatz Micoff of Chelsea, MI. He has "buttons" down his back as well, and looks like he is ready to party! Thank you, Dayle!

 Dayle does Curlie Girlie  personalized jewelry and design. Check out her some of her jewelry here.

The ornaments are, of course resting on one of my hand painted silk scarves.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck at your craft fair Suzanna...... That is so neat your mom has a table beside you. My mom is 81, she would have loved to spend the day at the craft with me too! She lives too far away, but next year she wants me to do one of the craft fairs in her town so she can help. Aren't we lucky to have our moms with so much energy. :)
    Enjoy your day!!