Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blame it on the Snow

Four scarves dyed shibori fashion.
 I will add images to some of them later
Blame it on the snow. I had planned to post a profile every Monday on one of the artists I interviewed for a newspaper article on the Vashon Island Art Studio Tour. This Monday it snowed. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you know what even a little snow can do to our roads. I did manage to make it home safely Monday (my brakes failed on the ice coming down my hill), but totally forgot the post I promised. Then the power went out. Snow Days!!

I love snow days. It's quiet, and no one expects you to be anywhere. I burrowed down into my studio--well, actually I moved my studio upstairs where it was warm enough by the fire and light enough by the window to work while the power was out. No computer, no radio, no refrigerator noise. Just golden silence, and the occassional sound of a car sliding sideways down the icy road.

So here's some of what I did instead of the post I had promised. I'll post an interview tomarrow with Valerie Wilson. I'm already using some of her inspiration as I develop new images for scarves and silk paintings.

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