Friday, November 12, 2010

December Art Studio Tour

I'm going to be on the Decemeber Art Studio Tour! I know I may have mentioned this, but this is exciting, and I am terrified. You know, the way you are so scared you block everything out so that you don't KNOW you are scared, but you don't get anything done, and suddenly it is tomarrow and you aren't ready?
Well, I'm approaching that.

Brian Fisher
Kasia Stahancyk

Valerie Wilson and encaustic painting in progress
Instead of getting my  own stuff ready, I've been interviewing other artists who will be on the tour, like Brian Fisher, print artist, Valerie Wilson, who paints, prints, and is now doing encaustic, and Kasia Stahancyk, who does glass fusion and also sews.

During the next few weeks, I will be letting you know about each of these artists, how they work, alnd what I'm learning from them. Look for posts on artists on Mondays.

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