Friday, February 1, 2013

Blood on the Maple--Celebrating Leaves: Support for the Backbone Campaign

Celebrating Leaves!  
The show is up!! Over 30 paintings on silk ranging from 6" square to about 12" x 48" are hanging in the Vashon Tea Shop. People are already commenting on their beauty!

I am so excited about this body of work! My heart's mission is to make a difference in this world through my art. I want people to fall in love with nature (if they aren't already!) through my images, and I want to inspire people to take care of this beautiful planet.

I get discouraged and frustrated when I come head to head with regulations and laws that require us to conform to earth destroying behavior, or that make it difficult to use new technology which is kinder to us and to the natural world. Once these regulations made sense, but our world has changed and there are better ways to do some things, yet the old ways have been written into law.

So I was excited to learn that Bill  Moyer of the Backbone Campaign is working to change some of these regulations and laws. The Backbone Campaign--that's us working together for change.
That is work I want to support!!

This show will be up from February First (today!!) through March 27th. All profits from sales of these delightful paintings during that time will go to the Backbone Campaign.

Please join me in raising $500 or more to support work for this change! After all, good planets are hard to find. Lets cherish and protect this one!

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