Monday, February 4, 2013

Blood on the Maple online soon!

contact me if you are interested in buying this one
leigh.suzanna at
DAng!!!! just got 32 photos ready to up load into my flickr account so that you can see the paintings I have up at the Tea Shop--got them all labeled and ready to actually upload and go live--and lost the page!! I closed my browser by accident!! Arg!!

Well, at least I know how to do it now! Please do be patient with me. I am really excited to show you this body of work and to give you the opportunity to own a piece and in that way contribute to an organization working to change the systems that keep us locked into earth destroying behavior.
This one sold opening night!
Just a reminder: all profits from sales of this body of work during February and March go to the Backbone Campaign.

I am donating all my time creating these and will only take out for cost of materials and any fees associated with selling.
The wood frames these are wrapped around were donated by Rich (Rifaat) Osborne.

All these paintings are 6"x6", painted on silk with dyes that have been steam set.
They are priced at only $45, to make them easier for you to buy.

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