Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blood on the Maple Show is on line!

Blackberry #1
I got so excited by the colors and shapes of fallen leaves this fall and by trying out itajime techniques for dyeing silk, that I made something like 33 paintings and hangings to celebrate! These are beautiful little paintings, all one of a kind originals. 

The profits from the sale of these pieces during February and March all go to the Backbone Campaign. Some have sold already; 24 of the small 6" x 6" paintings, those not sold yet, are now available in my etsy shop. I have raised $175 (after show expenses) through sales. My goal is to raise $500 at least. Can you help me get there?

Why the Backbone Campaign

Well, when I  designed my own home and ran a school for young children, I came face to face with regulations that made me realize how difficult it can be to build and to live using materials and technology that are earth friendly. While things have eased a little, there are still a lot of hurdles. Bill Moyer, co-founder of the Backbone Campaign, ran into a bunch of regulatory roadblocks  when he spearheaded a community solar project. As a result, he is focused on working to change some of those laws and regulations that blocked this project.  I want to support him in that.

These paintings, reminders of the beauty of nature, are small enough to brighten a spot over your desk or on a narrow piece of wall,  delighting you for years to come. They make nice gifts for a man or a woman. Do check out the selection on Suzanna's Studio on etsy! Let me know what you think.

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