Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blood on the Maple--Itajime

That's what it looked like, when the red dye splattered on the silk. I had already printed a maple leaf on the 8" square piece and was trying to enhance it. Oh no! The red dye looks like blood! Blood on the maple.

Well, Hm. Can I save this piece? Blood on the Maple. Catchy. Reminds me of a conversation this morning with Tim Baer. Tim is feeling really frustrated about the environmental degradation which is destroying our planet. What can we do? What can anyone do?

Seems I heard a rumor that Bill Moyer, of the Backbone Campaign, is doing something. He worked to  put a community solar project on Vashon Island, and ran into so much red tape that investors were discouraged. He is now focused on  changing the laws and codes that make such a projects so difficult to pull off.  Go Bill!

How can I support Bill Moyers's work?

Um.... Blood on theMaple. Show coming up at the Vashon Tea Shop, small pieces, leaf prints on itajime dyed silk. What if I donate all profits to the Backbone campaign? I just need about $80 to pay for materials, and I can donate the rest of the proceeds. Maybe I can sell some of the pieces on line as well. I would like to raise $500 at least.

 I think I have over 100 hours in these pieces. I am quite willing to donate that time. It's a "first fruits" thing, my first project of 2013. You know, that Bible passage where God wants a sacrifice to Him of the first fruits of our labors? Or maybe it's a commandment? I've always liked that idea, and I think supporting work to care for God's creation qualifies as giving to the Divine.

Will you join me in supporting Bill Moyer and the Back Bone Campaign? Good planets are hard to find; we need to care for this one!


  1. Suzanna,

    I just happened upon this, and I am very touched. Thank you so much for your support. I am deeply honored by your willingness to pitch in in such a creative way. It's perfect.

    Please let me know more, so I can promote your show to friends of the Backbone Campaign.

    In gratitude and collaboration,


    1. I'm so glad you found this! I tried to reach you by messaging through Facebook about a week ago, but suspect that message got lost in the crowd. I will try to contact you via the website, or if you could send me an email address I could send you more info that way.