Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beginning the New Year with Introspection

At the beginning of every year, I schedule time for reflection, introspection, and goal setting. This year, I am re-doing Hello Soul Hello Business, with many of my classmates.

 I just finished the excersizes on peak experience and on people, and compared them to when I first took the class. Last January I used a sailing experience as my Peak Experience, and what jumped out was adventure, freedom, independence, and service. I found that the spiritual dimension is more profound this year, as I have been blessed with some wonderful experiences, both with nature and with other people.

I used my Solstice visit with the Bard (Barred) Owl as my peak experience. It was an inward experience. I had gone into the Place of 5 Cedars with my Love, feeling broken open and extremely vulnerable. Visiting with the owl made me feel honored, connected with the Divine Force that imbues all of life. Trust for my Love who guided me there, trust for the Divine, the owl's trust and openness to us, allowed me to open more fully to experiencing and serving that Spiritual Force called Allah, or Jehovah, or Yawha, or Jesus, or ?

 Compassion, courage, and service are still top. Family is still important. Creativity and intelligence are high. Intuition. Wisdom. 3 words were definitely NOT enough to capture what is important to me.

Now to focus on creating and on business for the next few days--and on family and self-care. My hands have a lot to do!

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