Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Real People: Joanna Weibe

Joanna is wearing one of my shibori dyed silk scarves
 I want to introduce you to some of the people who inspire me, people like my good friend Joanna Last-Wiebe.

Joanna Last-Wiebe is a woman who centers her life in Love and Spirit while working in the corporate world.  She's been through some hard times as a single mom, when food for her children was not a given. She's had her years of living wild, as a young woman. Now she is a home owner whose work as a graphic designer of web sites is seen around the world, and a fantastic artist!

Joanna says:
"There was a time when I was a lonely, scared young woman who had dropped out of college to give birth to a baby I had decided to give up for adoption. Eventually I finished school and became one of the first designers for the World Wide Web, and designed software applications that are used around the world. But I value most of all that I have had a chance to practice the skills and principles of loving and being loved with many people over the years, including my son, with whom I was reunited in 1996. My book, BIrth Mother, is available at"

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