Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Whole New Mind!

Spiral Zentangle
I so love doing spirals lately!

Good news! The right Brain is no longer the ugly step child of the mind! We are now in "the Age of Art and Heart", according to Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, where things like intuition, anecdote, art, and other right brain skills are no longer shunned or scorned, but very much needed.

Daniel catagorizes (uh oh--left brain activity) right brain skills into six "senses":
*Play (which included humor, games, and just plain joy)
*Design (the marriage of utility and beauty)
*Symphony (the ability to put different pieces together into a new creation)
*Story (gathering meaningless facts into a meaningful context)
*Empathy (I call it Divine Love)
*Meaning (includes spirituality)

I'm not sure I would divide things out quite this way, but I sure do find it encouraging to find that some of the ways of thinking I have struggled to find recognition for, and which I am quite good at, are on his list. He even has stories about why and how they increase a business's profitability!

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