Monday, February 6, 2012

Silk Scarves--Meaningful or Just a Luxury?

I've been struggling with how to make my art meaningful and of real service to people. Somehow scarves, even hand painted silk scarves such as I make, don't seem ....well, they seem like just a luxury. How can they REALLY make a person's life better or help her through life challenges? 

Amy Wilson Cavaness gave me these encouraging words:

Take it from me---sometimes a beautiful piece of fabric wrapped 
around my body means a great deal to me----the colors touch me 
in some emotional way, I feel beautiful, I feel special, I'm able to express 
something about myself by the way I wear it----a beautiful scarf
 isn't necessarily "just a luxury". Even plaques with words on them 
really have no meaning unless those words mean something special 
to an individual at that moment.

Thank you, Amy.


  1. Thank you, Suzanna! Your scarves truly are beautiful and hold potential for meaning for many.

  2. Suzanna,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing your sweet comments!!!
    I think your scarves are amazing, so many colors!!
    I have so enjoyed following along your blog, watching your confidence grown, way to be brave!!


    1. Debbie, thank you for this comment. My courage sure comes and goes, like the tide!