Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

It's Christmas Eve. Our local Thriftway is closed, and so are all the shops on the Island. No shopping until midnight Christmas eve here! But then, we are used to making do with what we have.

I've always wanted one of those beautiful Christmas Angels, all white and gold. I finally decided to make my own. I dug out my old Barbie doll, miraculously still with me after 40 years and almost as many moves. I dressed her in lace and gold cloth from Grannie's Attic (the thrift store), and perched her on top of my tree.

Yes!! She is queen of the Christmas tree and all that she sees, from the gingerbread house beneath the tree to the magic expandable walnut table-- to the dirty dishes in the sink.

Ah, and tomorrow the dishes will be clean and she will be queen of the festive gathering!


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