Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art Studio Tour: Fused Glass

Are those asbestos gloves she is wearing?
Kasia Stahancyk is a woman who does it all; she was raised on a farm, where she even learned to weld (She made the PuppyPaws sign for her studio). Now retired, she creates in two vastly different media; hard shiny fused glass, and soft cloth.

The technical side of fusing glass is fascinating. Kasia uses Bullseye glass from Portland, Oregon, in sheets, "stringers" (long thin rods), "frit "(ground glass), and confetti (paper thin flakes). Sometimes she incorporates copper between layers of glass.

She makes flat tiles, slumped dishes, vases, and even jewelry. The layers of glass are fused in a kiln heated to 1450 degrees.

On the other side of her large studio is the sewing area. Here Kasia creates nifty purses, laptop carriers, and even commuter cup holders using cloth remnants.


  1. Nice studio, glass arts are amazing. I have always wanted to try making glass beads or something similar but never have had the chance. When I was very young I did stained glass, it seems a lifetime ago. lol Hope this finds you well. ~Theresa

  2. I've done stained glass as well! When I was in my early thirties.

  3. I almost signed up for a stained glass class once, there is someone in a town closeby that does great work - wasn't ready for it but this makes me itch to try it. Thanks for stopping by my Blog - aren't fly girls just the best? hugs.

  4. Kasia, you are one AMAZING woman! Your glass is beautiful and we feel blessed to be able to display your work in our home.