Monday, December 6, 2010

Art Studio Tour: Forget "Target Marketing"

"Gift of Roses" painted on silk

Persist and Prevail. Learn as you go. Big things --I mean oaks--from little acorns grow.

We had about two dozen visitors Saturday and sold about $150 worth of books, cards, and prints. Sunday, we had about a dozen visitors, and sold three cards and a scarf. Hmm.

I spent a lot of time between guests reading about marketing and thinking about who might buy my "product line", so I used the time productively. And it was SO nice to have such a beautiful space to be in.

When it comes to starting and running a business—especially a creative business—I know next to nothing. I mean, I’ve been stumped about knowing my “target market” for years. How the heck do I know who will buy my stuff  until enough people have actually bought something? Even the term “target market” sounds like a hunter with a gun, not a caring woman who creates beauty. 

"Flying Lessons" painted on silk
It was nice to have today, surrounded by my creations, to think about who seems to resonate with me and my work and why. Without the distraction of other booths, it was very clear who was attracted to my studio, simply by who took the trouble to park their car and come in. Most were people who already know me, or of me. I began to think of these people, of what I know about them, and what I might create with them in mind. What images will delight my friends? And how would they like to use them?

I find this a much more satisfying way to think of "marketing" and "product development" than the business advice I've been struggling with for years.


  1. thank you for talking about this....i feel the same do I know who will buy my stuff, what is my niche and all that?????

  2. I finally figured out that the people who like my work are probably people like me or like peole I know. I'm starting to create things with a particular person in mind. That doesn't mean that person will buy the piece, but this gives me a focus for my work that I didn't have before. We will see if this approach works.