Saturday, December 4, 2010

Art Studio Tour: Getting Ready

almost ready!
 Thursday morning the studio was trashed. How could it ever be ready to be on the Studio Tour by Saturday morning? I mean, I have a collection of cardboard boxes, about 100 little paper planters I planned to give to a gardening friend, a box of left-over preschool paraphernalia including x rays and teeth for our unit on health (from when my studio was my preschool classroom), and bags of newspapers for wrapping silks when I steam them. All of this had to find someplace to be before the doors opened this morning.

And somehow, everything found a place. Even the 8 small child sized wooden chairs! Ok, so some of it is in my car waiting to go to recycle, or the dump, or to my friend, but all of it is either out of the studio, or--Ha! hidden under tables behind festive Christmas tablecloths!

And somehow, I was able to create a place of peace and beauty to show off my silk scarves, my paintings, my cards, and my mother's books. Add some music, some hot tea or coffee, and crackers from the cookbook, and....
hospitality center

Everyone had a good time!

I loved seeing friends
silk paintings, watercolor paintings, and mono-prints
and showing them my art, whether they bought anything or not.

Enough people did buy so that I felt it was worth while. I'm looking forward to Sunday, and to next weekend, to see more friends, make more new friends, and sell more of my work.

And now the studio will be clean enough to invite friends over for Tai Chi on Wednesday mornings!

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  1. I love the dramatic change ... It's amazing what we can do. Congratulations! I'm Thankful 4 ya!