Tuesday, March 3, 2015

thumbnails for page 1

 I'm done, I'm done! My first ever story in pictures is finished! Here are some of the steps in the process.
1. list story points that might be images and the story arc (setting, characters,  problem, etc.)
2. decide on format (12 frame story? 6 frames? 9 frames? etc)
3. decide which story points go on which frames
This part can change as the story progresses.
4. draw thumbnails of images in frames. arrange, re-arrange, as necessary. This might require several drafts.

final pencil drawing page 1
5. final pencil drawing
6. transfer to final paper, ink
7. add values with ink wash
8. paint with watercolor washes

Steven Reddy builds his color and his washes layer after layer after layer.

This story is based on a story my friend Jemilla told at a gathering to honor a well loved friend.

ink and ink wash
I love this way of telling stories! I already have a dozen more I want to do this way. I have stories of Island life, of adventures in the desert, of travel to distant lands. I have my uncle's stories of being a pioneer missionary during the communist take-over of Laos. There are my mom's stories of growing up during the depression. and on and on. I can't wait to get started on those!

I expect I'll be doing several collections of stories.

I'm still working on how to integrate this way of working with the three dimensional fabric art of my last show. I want to continue to work in both mediums. But how do I present them? How do I let my current fans and friends know about this new way of working?

final color, part of page 1

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