Friday, March 27, 2015

New Story: Family Gathering

It is traditional. Every time we have a family gathering at Great Gramma Marj's house, a bunch of us take off together for a walk in the woods, either before or after a gathering at the dinner table. The woods by Marj's house is the most beautiful woods I know.

This particular gathering was for River's Great Uncle Steve, who was visiting from China. Four generations gathered to visit him: River and her three yr old cousin Sebastian, River's father and two uncles, her Gramma Suzanna the artist, Grampa Rifaat, Great Uncle John the sailor, and Great Aunt Jeannie, Great Uncle Don, and cousin Morgan. Whew! Who could remember them all?

While Jeannie, Don, and Morgan were still on their way, River went for a walk in the woods with Dada, Uncles James and Jeremy, Great Uncle Steve, and Gramma Suzanna. Gramma Suzanna made a story out of the walk.

 Here is a draft of one of the panels in the story. I am Gramma Suzanna, of course.

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