Thursday, April 12, 2012

Giving and Recieving from my Innermost Heart

My finances are looking pretty skinny right now. I know I've lost a sale or two by somehow saying the wrong thing. I'm putting my work out there. People love it. But my income is scanty.

I have this desire to offer work from my innermost heart, beautiful work that will touch other hearts, that will inspire joy and deeper understanding in those who see my work. But income from my work is scanty.

Oh, I see the problem. Look at this meditation drawing I just did. See how the spirals reach out from my heart to touch other hearts? Beautiful, flowing, the way I want my work to be. Now look how my heart, in the middle, is encased in an armor with some sharp edges. My work, my offerings go out, but nothing can get back in!

What if I change that image, do a new image, showing a flow both in and out of my heart, not just reaching other hearts, but being received by other hearts? With the energy going both ways?


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  1. Your honesty and self-knowledge are your keys to abundance, and you are teaching others how to get to the "heart" of things too...thank you for your post today!