Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Why, oh why am I so full of grief today?
My whole body if full of tears and I know not why.
Spring has come.
 Even those little suns in the grass,
the dandelions,
 have come back.
 The day is glad, but my heart is sad.

I look at my work and my heart is not in it.
 I try to absorb my lessons, but they will not land in my brain.
 I try to plan for my business,
and my mind goes bump against an invisible barrier.

Is it only that I have just opened a show of my Dragon Paintings, put my soul out on the line for all to see? Or are there old griefs emerging?


  1. When I feel that way ...I wait...the sun will shine again...maybe tomorrow. We, human beings, are extremely complex. Sadness is part of our lives...just try not to stay there too long! Hugs!!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm already feeling better. Spending time on Soul Business and the facebook group, really cheers me!

  3. I know just how you feel but it will pass and you'll soon be flying again! M xx