Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Song Inside

The Song  Inside

"Singing Road" zentangle
It will be enlarged 500%
for the finished piece
I’m not a singer; people keep asking me not to sing because really, I cannot carry a tune.  But I sing. I love to sing. On the beach when no one is around, in the car when I’m driving by myself, in the house alone. I sing bits of old songs that fit my current life. I sing parts of hymns, songs of praise, made up songs, even made up words (sh, don’t tell). It’s as though the songs sing themselves inside me and sometimes burst out my mouth.

In the fall, I sing “Thank you for the glorious trees, the reds and golds, and the evergreens.” In the winter I sing,  “Thank you for the wind and rain.” When my beloved was dying, the song that sang in my mind was, “got along without you before I met you; I can get along without you now”.

I sing prayers, deep prayers without words in any known language. I sing prayers of love, songs of joy… 

I am traveling on a Singing Road.

Singing Road is the signature piece for a show of my silk paintings at the Vashon Tea Shop in February. It started several months ago as a 2 1/2" zentangle, a small ink drawing of patterns and lines with no definite purpose in mind. It isn’t finished yet, and I want to share with you the process of it’s development in this blog. 

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  1. Love both the piece and your writing. I love how transformative art is! Best of luck with your exhibition :)

  2. Singing has been a healing, saving grace for me too! Love Your songs....and your art!