Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking at the World through a Heart Shaped Hole

I'm looking at the world through a Heart Shaped Hole.

I was at a Silent Retreat last weekend. It takes awhile for the words to leak out of one's mind and to reach the place of silence, of before words. What treasures there are when one finally does reach that place!

This little zentangle came from that place. In the Silence, I put pen to paper until this came out. It is called "Looking at the world through a Heart Shaped Hole". I am looking at the world through a heart shaped hole, through eyes of Loving. If "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", then the whole world is so beautiful when I look at it through eyes of Loving!

I'm working this into a painting on silk, using both raw silk and silk charmeuse. I'm using soy wax(batik)  and pebeo gutta (serti technique) for resists. I plan to applique the heart flower (painted on shiny charmeuse) onto the geometric background (painted on raw silk). I plan to show it at the Vashon  Tea Shop. The show opens February 3rd--this Friday!

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