Thursday, August 4, 2011

When Eternity Breaks Into Clock-time

Clock time is when it's nearly 10 pm and I haven't got everything on  my to do list done yet.

Clock time is when lunch is at noon and dinner at 5 pm, and everyone in the family expects it.

Clock time is deadlines and appointments and payments due.

Clock time is everyday....

 when Eternity breaks in and calls you to swim with your grand daughter in the sunshine

or to wander in the magical woods and eat red huckleberries.

or to paint sunflowers while the financial world crashes down around you.

Then you are living in God's time, and all will be well.

It was Jane Valencia's article that got me thinking, remembering, what it is like to live in God's time.
When Eternity Breaks Into Clock-time: Reflections on a Traditional Irish saying
by Jane Valencia

"God made time, and plenty of it!"

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