Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today I Was a Dragon

Dragon Emerging from the Sea
inspired by a Qi Gung image, 
available on etsy
I flew around the room, breathing fire, sometimes swimming like a sea dragon, sometimes walking dragon-like. Why was I surprised when Kara as a rabbit and Sara as a ferret were frightened of me? I'm not a ferocious dragon! I don't eat my friends! I decided to give my rabbit friend a ride, so that she could experience flying as well.

In this Hero's Journey workshop with Sherene  Zolno, Kara Jones, and Jane Velencia, we were asked to become--to act out-- our totem animal, then to list the attributes of that animal. I was a dragon! That is a a bit of a shift from my old image of being a dragon rider!!

Grandmother Dragon
My Dragon is nurturing!
When we went to the wall paper to write the qualities we found while being our totem animals, I remembered giving some of my friends "rides" as a dragon, and wrote, "empowering others" as one of my dragon qualities, along with "ancient wisdom" and "flying above the world".

I think my dragon can breathe flowers as well as fire!

What is your totem animal, and what do you admire about it?

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