Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hero's Journey

Three of my high-powered, deep-hearted women friends have teamed together to offer a day of Transformation based on the archtye of the hero's journey and the work of Paul Rebillot. How could I NOT go? Tuition was out of my reach, though so how COULD I go? I pondered this for awhile.
painted on silk
print available on etsy

I know each of these ladies. Jane Valencia is a harpist and an artist. Kara Jones, who recently lost a baby, is active in the grief healing work of MISS ( formerly Mothers in Sympathy Support), and Sherene Zolno, who does work with the non profit The Leading Clinic, has the most wonderful collection of art on her walls!

This is what I offered:
For Jane, tuition in my silk painting classes.
For Sherene, a hand painted silk scarf with the colors and image from a painting of mine she admired.
For Kara, the first draft of a painting on silk I did inspired by her loss of Mizuko.

They accepted!
Today is the day... I AM excited! Already, I feel my life changing.

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