Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silk Paintings at the Green Spot Tea House and Gallery

The spiritual journey is one of continually falling on your face, getting up, brushing yourself off, looking sheepishly at God, and taking another step. 
- Aurobindo

After hanging my silk paintings at the Green Spot Tea House and Gallery on Wednesday, I was fried! The show didn't look right. Silk paintings that were ironed when I left the house were wrinkled by the time they were hung. Silk paintings that hung well in the studio looked all wrong on the Tea House wall--at least to my eyes. And I forgot labels. 

But, the show was hung, and it was too late to iron. I went home and made labels and hoped for the best, knowing that about 8 people had promised to come out of the 500 email invitations I had sent.

Today was the opening. No one showed up, at least no one I invited. Thank goodness the Tea House owners friends came!

silk painting,  Madrona by the Beach
Now I know the kind of panic I was feeling is natural, the pre show jitters, and the post show depression, but today after the reception, I was in tears! Do I even go on? Eighteen paintings on silk represent a year and a half of work, and none of my friends came to see it! Not even the ones who live in Tacoma!

And yet, I have a show scheduled at the credit union here on Vashon Island in September. I started thinking about the new large silk paintings I want to do for that show, for their big bare walls. It's the place so many Vashon folk took their money as soon as it opened up. We were fed up with Chase, that mega bank that took over our Washington Mutual Bank. My work will be seen there, and people will come to the opening on the first Friday of September, because that's what Vashon folk do.


  1. Dearest sweet Suzanna, i wish i live close to be there. Your silk painting looks gorgeous up on the wall. I am so sorry to hear about your post show depression. I wish i could say something to make you feel better.
    All the best with your next show at the credit union! Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

  2. Dear Suzanna, I agree with Jacqueline. If I were closer I would of loved to be there & your silk paintings look beautiful from the photograph. I think your quote speaks volumes.& Keep on creating what you love. (( hugs )) Theresa

  3. Suzanna... I too wish I lived nearby- I love what you have done- your work is incredibly beautiful, and I understand your feelings so well!!!!
    What I think most about this artistic process lately, (and what I feel like I am continually learning) is that --something is gained from each show... whether it be a connection made, an order that comes in later, recognition of your work down the road- it is a process for sure!

    Most importantly you are being brave by putting yourself out there with your open heart! Looking forward to hearing about your show coming up in Vashon. Keep flying! Best to you!

  4. My sentiments are the same as Jacquline's. Your work is lovely!I would have been there too if I lived closer. Cheery smiles your way...Laura

  5. Thank you all for your encouraging words. Your support helps me keep on keeping on.

  6. I purchased one of you silk scarves at the Fremont Sunday Market. It was great as a sash around my wedding dress. Keep up the work, your paintings are wonderful! I especially like the Madrona!

  7. Were you the one who purchase the green one? I remember you said you were going to a wedding in...Arizona? somewhere in the desert. I didn't realize it was YOUR wedding! I am thrilled to know you wore it!!

  8. Consider yourself hugged! We've all been there - that place where nobody shows up and the excitement and pride you were feeling just goes out the window! Just update your resume with the show and thank God you were there!

  9. Oh! Resume! I totally forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Oh, pooey, it is such a crap shoot sending out invitations to shows. You figure that people will at least come for the free refreshments. As Judy said, update your resume and move on. I've traveled hours to do shows where my total take has been $75. It IS depressing. Your work is lovely and deserves a wide audience. Keep creating; folks will cotton on eventually.

  11. Thanks you Virginia.
    I love the name of your blog, and look forward to getting to know you through it. Let me know when you post.