Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is is the Devil, or Just Plain Tiredness?

I've been feeling so Turtle-ish this week. So in my shell, reading instead of creating, not even trying to sell my art, to take the necessary product photos, or to apply to shows. Just can't quite figure out what is wrong with me.

Oh, wait, I did finally take some product photos today--93 photos of a dozen scarves. And Saturday I spent all day at the Saturday Market and sold two scarves and a card.

Still, when my business mentor at WACASH called yesterday to check in, I had been spending all day on personal business and most of last week as well, so I felt really......um.....like I've been goofing off. Mentally fogged. Overwhelmed  by what I have not accomplished.

Mark Silver's post,

Is It The Devil, or Do You Just Need a Nap?

really hit the spot. He points out that sometimes tiredness is resistance, and sometimes, it is just tiredness, and he gives some pointers on how to tell the difference.

SOMETHING is missing. I do feel unfocused, unmotivated.
Like I just haven't quite figured it out yet.

I looked at Diane Kappa's web site. Diane is someone my mentor suggested I contact, as she is a painter on silk, as well as a designer who licenses her work. Oh, my heavens, this woman has it together! Her web site alone gives me some ideas on how to proceed, even while showing me how very far I have yet to go!

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  1. And - maybe it is just the northwest weather! I've been feeling the same inoue - or however you spell that word- not sure my art Is up to par, not sure where to start, not sur eif I should start. So - take a break, give yourself some atta girls, ease up a bit and I bet when the sun comes back out you'll feel better! That's my hope for us both!