Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clown Angel

There is just TOO MUCH for one person to deal with sometimes:
*The lawn needs mowing; the grass is taller than my grand daughter
*I never did get the chicken house made.
*The deck rail needs replacing before some one falls through it
* I need to make some new frames for the silk scarves so that I can use another technique or two
 *My fig tree and a rhodie have died and need to be removed.
*My son fixed the toilet--and now it doesn't work at all!
Clown Angel
 *A doe sauntered across the yard and headed straight for my garden, ready to eat anything I had dared to plant; I need deer protection for my garden.

Man! I was feeling so overwhelmed, I was on the verge of tears! Then I picked up a pen and this little guy showed up.

 I think he was inspired by the zentangles.

 " Really, silly woman," he seemed to say, "would you trade your troubles for any one elses?"

I think I laughed so hard, I cried!


  1. this was just what I needed to hear and see. I just deleted all my to do lists from my ipad by mistake. I decided to organize all of my todo lists on scraps of paper from all over and let technology handle them - feeling very organized until I tried to sync it and lost all. Oh well maybe I should paint since I can't remember what I need to do... if the sun would only come out.

  2. Lost lists-- ouch! Ah well, the to do's can wait untilyou paint! And now--the sun is shining! Happy solstice!