Friday, January 28, 2011

Printing with Kids

Amelia and her mom really got the idea! We worked on blocking out the parts of the image where children didn't want the background color to print, and to print in more than one color. We are working on thin sheets of styrofoam, with the lines incised with a ball point pen. Amelia blocked out the grass, the clouds,  and the sun with paper cut to those shapes, then rolled yellow on the sun shaped paper and green on the grass shaped paper. She then pressed the paper shapes onto the print where she wanted those colors.

Laura didn't finish hers yet; she made her sun yellow. Next time she plans to make her horse green.

Ethan used tire tracks from a toy truck to make the boarder around his name. 


  1. Oh I admire anyone who can teach kids...and even more when they teach kids art.
    Ethan is pretty clever.
    They all look lovely.

  2. Thanks, Marianne. Teaching children is my joy! I guess I never quite grew up myself.