Monday, January 17, 2011

Girl Genius and the Steam Punk Asthetic

Steam Punk Guitar
 Kaja and Carol introduced me to Steampunk, an asthtetic inspired by the world of Jules Verne . He was the first science fiction writer, with  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth  written in the late 1800's.

As I listened to Kaja and Carol talk about this asthetic, I wondered what a Steampunk scarf would look like? What would the imagery be? What colors?

"Tilobites" said Carol, "and fossels. Ferns. They were interested in natural science" (in the Victorian age).

"Gears and machine parts decorated with delicate swirls" Kaja told me. "There was a fascination with machines, which were still handcrafted. Every part was a piece of art."

"Natural dyes"
"Browns, earth tones"

My first models for Steampunk art
--lego pieces!

Now I am challenging myself to design  scarves for Kaja Foglio and Carol Monahan that would express the asthetic of Genius Girl and the magical/scientific world of the Gaslight Fantasies. 

This is not it. These are the only gears I could find in the house--lego pieces! But I can use them. You will see.

I have not forgotten my promise to do a tutorial on intaglio printing. I'm working on it.

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