Friday, January 7, 2011


Alarm! Alarm! Alarm! Overwhelm! Overwhelm! 
This is not a Drill!
So many things are clamoring to get done, So many commitments! How will they get done?

Focus: what is most important?
*4-6 new paintings on silk to design and complete by Feb 1st
*Print class to plan for and to test materials by Jan 14th (8 sessions. I'm teaching)
*Small book to print and distribute (to family--late Christmas gift)
*The Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum--can't miss that!--before Jan 17th
*Postcard to design and order for my next show, by...yesterday?
*Starting a program on Business Think in two weeks, and another in three.
--and then I went and scheduled stuff during my studio hours! Important stuff, but...but...when do I get to actually work on the projects I've committed to?

Take a breath.


Put my work in the hands of the Divine.

Connect with my mission, to experience the Joy more deeply and to share it through my art and teaching.

Trust. Trust that the important work will get done, and it may or may not be the work I think is important.

Give thanks. Thanks for my life. My family. My home. Thanks for that Joy and Compassion that finds expression through my work. Many, Many Thanks.

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