Monday, October 25, 2010

silk painting class

What fun teaching silk painting yesterday! Here is some of my student's work before steaming. We used a few techniques here. We used embroidery hoops from the thrift store to stretch the silk tight enough to paint.

This demo piece shows butterflies done in two ways. The top one is contained with lines of resist, the one on the bottom is outlined with resist then coated with No-Flow. Notice how the color in the top butterfly is difused where there is no resist line separating the yellow and red (in the middle), while you can see the brush strokes on the bottom butterfly.

The background was painted with dye and water to give the soft edges on the blue. Then it was coated with No-Flow and the red, yellow, and purple were painted on. Notice how these brush strokes kept their shape.

Ann's ginko leaves were done with resists (pebeo water based gutta in tubes), then painted with Jaquard dyes. She textured the green by sprinkling rock salt on it while still wet and letting it dry.

Brem painted her birds on silk coated with Jaquard No-Flow resist. No need for gutta lines, and a very different effect!

Next step is to let the dyes dry and set for 24 hours, then steam the silk to bring out the color.

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