Friday, October 29, 2010

Impossible Garden: Core of the Vision

The Garden I want
At last, my garden welcomes me! After months--years-- of brown thumbing it, fighting going into the garden even though I love the look of it growing and even enjoy working in it, I've finally made a shift. It's as thought a door has opened!

It's not as though I heard anything new today in my coaching session with Victoria Dzenis. I've heard before, "my garden is my palate", and even "I approach the garden like a painting". Yet, somehow, today, when we were examining the core reason, the vision of our creativity, the legacy we want to leave behind, somehow things clicked into place. 

It's the beauty world I want to help people step into. Years ago, when I was a new mother with a three month old son, living in an abusive situation, I was naturally quite depressed--until I saw the "Burning Bush". It was the way the light shone through a blackberry leaf, a common blackberry leaf, that lifted me out of the gray/blue worry world and into a world of beauty. I learned that I can step into that world of beauty any time, let in the fresh air and sunshine, like rolling down a car window. 

I live mostly in the beauty world now. I do it through gratitude for the beauty around me, and I do it through art. I create beauty with my brush. And I can do it in my garden. 

The garden I have now
And then, the core of my vision, I want to share this beauty, this joy. I want to make it manifest in this world so that everyone can step into it. So that you can step into it.

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