Friday, June 29, 2012

Port Townsend, Here I Come!!

I am so thrilled! I just found out that My painting on silk, Golden Pathway, has been accepted into a prestigious show, the Port Townsend/Expressions Northwest!! The show runs from August 3rd to August 26th (my birthday!) and will be up during the time I will be in Port Townsend participating in the Edge program.   The Edge program is a professional development program for visual artists  through Artist Trust!


It seems so appropriate that this piece, which has become a symbol for me of having and being the best in life, of walking a road of loving and creating and doing right work, is the one accepted of the three I submitted.

 This painting was inspired by a walk with my beloved in a magical madrona forest on a small island east of Vancouver Island, Canada. We had been sailing all day, and anchored down in Pirate's Cove, De Courcey Island. It was July, when the madrona turn some of their leaves yellow and drop them. The path was covered with golden madrona leaves, the ravens were singing, the sun was shining......  It was a perfect moment, one that has colored my life beautiful since then, even through the death of my beloved almost exactly a year later.


  1. Congratulations, Suzanna! What a beautiful painting and it's really nice to know the back story.

  2. I love this silk painting and so appreciate you sharing the very personal story of how it came to be. Best wishes for you in Port Townsend.

  3. I love this silk painting and we are so excited for you. Thank you for sharing the beautiful and personal story if how it came to be.