Friday, November 11, 2011

Welcoming the storm

Qi Gong on the beach this morning before the predicted storm--how can I describe it? Three human friends, some crows, two seagulls, and several ducks enjoying the morning light. How very blessed I am!!

We welcomed the storm, thinking about how it will wash away debris. Do the storms in our lives have the same cleansing effect?

Another joyful thing; on Monday I hung several of my silk paintings in the office of a friend, Dr. Pamela Smith,  of Sundance Natural Medicine, in Kenmore, WA. She painted her walls yellow to bring cheer to everyone who enters, and I think my paintings on her walls express that joy as well.


  1. Dear Suzanna, your silk painting is beautiful Suzanna. I am also a huge fan of Qi Gong and I love that you shared the morning light with some lovely friends. Thank you so much for posting your link and sharing your joy with us on the "Joy Jam" this week.

    Louise Xx

  2. Thank you! And thank you for leaving your blog address, so that other readers can go to your site for more joyful posts!