Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Priceless Sketch book

zentangle sketch book
I keep this one in my purse.
OK, so I've always sketched. Not every day, mind you, but often, especially when traveling,  or when waiting for a ferry or some such thing. And yet, I've never really understood the value of keeping a sketch book until today.

So, why keep a sketch book?
We know it is a record of what you've seen and where you've been.
Angelwing Begonia done with ball point pen
It's a good way to take notes about something you've seen, to refer to later.
A place to doodle, to while away the time.

But more. Much more.

It is a place in which to develop ideas and dreams. A place where the seed of an idea can sprout and grow until it is ready to blossom.  It is a living, breathing -- not just a record, but a tool, a....growing, changing, and very individual companion where your work and life can develop before it is ready for other eyes.

Angel wing Begonia
detail with brush and pen
Take a look at the sketch books of some very accomplished artists here.

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