Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Time....

Grandson Sebastian Danger Powers at one week old
Birth of my grandson,
Death of my father,
Awakening the garden.....

It's time for reflection, and possibly for redirection. Laura Otero created a list of things it's time for in her life.

 What is it time for in my life? What is it time for in your life?

In my life, it is time to celebrate family,
Time to seek out mentors for my business,
And time to get some chickens!


  1. I came to visit your blog to thank you for the beautiful words on my art and look through my collage painting image and I have read all the posts above. I had to comment on this first because I can relate so much with this "circle of life" My first grandson was born 3 months after my dear mom's passing and 3 days before her birthday! Thanks again!

  2. Being a gramma is the frosting on the cake. It is our reward for all the struggles we have made it through!