Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Impossible Garden Rises Again

 Putting my father to rest; awakening the garden.
There's something about digging in the dirt that is therapeutic, especially if the sun is (finally) shining too.

I think I'll do better with a little structure in the garden. Last year's garden looked good in the spring, but the deer ate more than I did, and the strawberries got lost in the weeds.

This spring we built beds for the plants we want to tend  closely. The beds will make the plants show up better, separating the garden from the yard.

So sweet to see that my little apple tree
survived! My little accidental apple tree
 sprouted after an apple pressing
 on this spot!
My business could use some more structure, too, some little forms to protect and nourish it, where it can grow.

Where my garden needs sun, my business needs appreciation.
Where my garden needs some kind of boarder to make it show up better, my business needs ....a place to be where people can see it.

Sunday I took my scarves, prints, and silk paintings to Loretta at the Ballard Farmer's Market in Seattle, to be juried for several markets. "You're In!!" she said,"but there is no more space for venders in Ballard. You are welcome at the Fremont, in Wallingford, and at Georgetown, though."

I plan to begin showing in these markets regularly starting the Sunday after Mother's Day. I also have my scarves at Ventures Store on First Street in Pioneer Square, Seattle. Having a place to show up where people can appreciate my work will give my business more of the structure it needs.

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  1. Suzanna, my dear! I did not hear about your father til today. May grace surround you, comfort you, your mother, your family. Just plain blessings and love to you!