Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Business Plan at Last!

Have you ever had the rug pulled out from under you just when you felt like you were ready to launch a dream?  Perhaps you just started college  or a new job, only to find yourself pregnant, the father gone, and no energy to keep going? Or finally living in a decent house with a room for a studio, and lose your job? Or...the list goes on.

You go underground for awhile, take care of the family, and put the dream on hold for months or years. You take a stab at creating the business you dream of and even try to write a business plan, but get stymied by things like "identifying your target market" or "projecting an income".

It's like being pruned just when you think you are about to bloom.

Take heart. Like the tree that has been pruned, your root system is deepening and strengthening. The day will come when at last you have the support you need to bring that dream, that vision, into reality.

For me, that means having a business plan that helps me to define my vision, to set real goals, and to have some idea of how I will get where I want to go with it. After years of struggling, at last the business plan process has been demystified for me! I begin to understand cash flow. I know how to think about how much inventory to create, and how to project my expenses.  I have a sense of who my ideal client is. I know what I need to do next and what I need to learn next.

A correction from my last post: Monique's business is
 Plan Right Meeting & Event Management
(not just Plan Right, as I had it at first) 


  1. Sounds like you have been good busy! And now a plan to support your dreams! Happy Spring and blooming~ Theresa

  2. knowing what to next and next and next and next ....

  3. I definitely struggle with organizing the business-organization parts of my art. Sounds like you are getting it all together!

  4. A business Plan - I'm impressed! That makes my head hurt.

  5. love this post its so encouraging!