Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back in the Studio

 I was talking with with a shop keeper who may be carrying my wares. She brought up the possibility of making scarves in colors the fashion industry has chosen to feature this spring. Have you seen them?

I googled Spring fashion colors, or something like that, and came up with the same set of colors on sites like Fashion Trend Setters, Pantone Fashion and Home,  and College Fashion. Some colors I like: "Honeysuckle", for example, "Peapod", and "Regatta"--- but not necessarily together!

I thought I would give it a try, though, and see what I came up with.
Here are two samples I would particularly like your opinion on, as they are way outside my usual color choices. Please don't be afraid to be honest.

What do you think?

The colors are more electric than the photo shows.

How about this one? I brightened the photo up a bit too much; It's not quite so electric.


  1. Oh YES! I just LOVE hot bright colours. all the best with your sales! Moira x

  2. I love the colors and the butterflies - I am not usually a "bright color" type of person the colors you picked do work well together!!!

  3. LOVE THEM!!!! The colors are beautiful!