Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walking the Golden Pathway: Stories of Love and Loving

Hanging the show tomorrow and still need to photograph and frame several pieces! Bless the sun, but it does cast shadows and make it difficult to get good photos!

The theme of my show is Walking the Golden Pathway; Stories of Love and Loving. I will invite people to share their stories of Loving, perhaps inspired by my work.

This is "Love in Utero". Sometimes it takes courage to have a baby. This woman is pregnant, and the dragon is her friend. The dragon is both her own creative power, and the danger a pregnancy can involve, especially if the woman has a chronic disease. In some countries many woman and babies still die in childbirth. Even in the U.S., there is always an element of the unknown. Will the baby be OK? Will the birth be natural, or will it involve a C section or induced labor?

This image was inspired by a fellow dragon lover, who has Multiple Sclerosis, and has decided to risk a pregnancy at age 35. She is doing well so far!

My story of courage is when 5 doctors told me I should abort a pregnancy, due to what they considered medical complications. The 6th doctor, a woman,  agreed to follow my pregnancy and deliver the baby, at the University Hospital.

What's your story?

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