Sunday, February 13, 2011

A valentine for you

Saturday I made valentines in honor of St Valentine, who spent his time in prison writing letters to people to tell them how much he loved them. Today I am giving them away to friends and family.  I will mail some;  I will carry some to give to people I meet as I move through my day.  This one is for you. Just click on the image, then print it on photo quality paper for a really nice effect. Mine printed out about 7" x 9". I like the matte paper rather than the glossy.

I made about twenty valentines using a block print carved in safety cut.  It is available at Dan Smith Art Supplies. I used water color paints rather than printing ink, and soaked the paper for a bit. Sometimes I let the paint dry before printing, but often I was too impatient.

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  1. What a nice online giftie. Hope your valentines day was wonderful.

    p.s. thanks so much for recently hopping into my blog & leaving a comment:D